Driving on A Suspended License

"All my suspensions were all years ago, but the officer wrote me a ticket for Driving on a Suspended License."

I hear this statement pretty much every day from clients and potential clients. There is a difference between the Class 1 misdemeanor charge of Driving on a Suspended License and simply not being in the good graces of the DMV.

Many Police Officers, State Troopers and Prosecutors are not aware of, or do not care about, this difference. The usual response is "DMV says your license is still suspended, here's your ticket."

The Virginia Court of Appeals has clearly stated that there is a difference and I have pointed that out for all my clients in this situation. This difference could change the outcome from going to jail, paying hefty fines and having your license suspended all over again to simply paying a fine.

If you are in this situation and would like to speak with an attorney, please feel free to contact my office to arrange for a free consultation.

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